Artist (and Designer) Profile: William McLure

I first came across William McLure's art when I browsed through Danielle Moss' STUNNING Chicago-condo home tour. Her bedroom stopped me in my tracks, it had everything I loved - black and white with a minimalist yet still enchanting style, and this amazing piece of artwork over her bed. "THIS is what I've been looking for all of my life." I thought as I looked at the room. Of course, I had to find the link and click through to wherever I could purchase this amazing piece and I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was truly as special as I had thought it was.

It was a bittersweet moment; sweet, as I realized that this was not mass produced, it was a custom, handmade piece by an amazing artist but then bitter, as I then realized it was well out of my price point to casually "art to cart" and order on a Saturday afternoon.

McLure quickly became a favourite of mine to follow across the social channels and add to my "one-day" wish list in my dream home. While art is subjective, I'll tell you why I love his work. 

I love that McLure combines different mediums to create a minimalist yet complicated, statement yet understated piece every time. His work is classic, yet so modern and even though it's abstract, typically with more muted tones, it makes me feel something - to me, it's a statement on the beauty and the complexity of life. The tension between creativity and skill. And not to go tooooo overboard with the cheese-factor, I feel like sometimes when I look at his work, it feels like the inside of my brain. Colours, "scribbles", solid patches, rapid activity, but then...calm. I love that through McLure's art, you can see movement and yet the level of sophistication never goes down.

On his website, this is written a little more eloquently. I don't think I can do it justice in my own words, so I'll just drop the pull-quote here:

"His artwork can evolve from realism, to drawings, to sketches, to abstract at any given moment, and many times being created in literal hours during long evenings at home."

So, as you can tell - I'm a big fan! In addition to his beautiful art - this may be my favourite part - he is also an Interior Designer. McLure has created some TO DIE FOR spaces - as if his art came to life and created its own living space to reside in. 

I love that McLure is multi-talented because I feel like so often, creative people are put into a specific box of what they are professionally and what they are not. He is a great reminder that we can wear different creative hats, and wear them well.

So, if you like what you see - please be sure to follow William and his super cute pup, a Weimaraner, Ran. 

You can find him on Instagram @william_mclure.