Why You Should Deffs Invest in Your Rental

You may not know this, but we’re renters. We love our apartment, and our landlords actually - they are super chill - obviously we like to take care of our home, and we truly treat it like our own, but they are also easy-going and fine with us making changes or painting and what have you.

Sometimes people say things like, “why would you put all of this effort into a rental - or why would you help increase the value of someone else’s property” and well, there are a few answers to that question:

First of all, I love having a cozy and comfortable home. It’s important to me that my space feels good - I’m really affected by my surroundings (actually one of my new years “resolutions” is to learn more about lighting) and also….I care about home decor and interiors. So, I mean, it really all depends what your hobbies and interests are - but likely if you’re reading this blog, you also care about interiors and style etc - and probably feel the same.

I would also like to point out, that purchasing a home isn’t in the cards for everyone. Especially when you live in a more metropolitan area. I think it’s kind of rude and shame-y to be like “why would you invest in a place that doesn’t even belong to you?!”. Because, even when you rent - your home does belong to you - for that amount of time. You probably don’t want to rip out a kitchen or gut a bathroom - but why not spend a little bit on paint, or furnishings (that you can definitely bring with you) or even change out some hardware if that means you will take a bit more pride in your home, and feel a bit better about yourself.

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 1.53.28 PM.png

The other thing to consider is that frankly, life is short (though, some days it feels VERY long - ha!) and you shouldn’t make yourself live somewhere that doesn’t feel like home, just because you don’t own it. No matter what your budget is, there are ways to update your space and make it feel more like you.

When we moved in, some of the walls were painted a purple grey, and then a purple-charcoal colour - and I just wanted it to be fresh and white. Our landlords were kind enough to pay for the paint, but it was something we would have happily paid for if we had to. We also took down a light fixture in the dining area, mounted our TV and added lots of art around the apartment. The apartment came with curtain window treatments that did not suit our “desired look” in the least, so we took those down and changed them as well. Sometimes I dream about changing some of our cabinet fronts, but ultimately that is way too big of an investment for us in this place - however, everything else - knobs on closets and door handles included - are subject to change!

So, without continuing on this rant for too much longer, I’d just like to say that I am fully in support of investing in your rental, and would love to share some rental friendly ways to update your space and make it feel like your own!

  1. Paint. This is really a small price to pay for a big impact. However, sometimes landlords will say that they don’t allow paint - I find this tends to happen in rental only buildings, rather than rentals from owners. I think it’s worth the conversation to show them what you are thinking, and ask if it is okay. Then offer to paint it back when you leave, and even be okay with putting that in writing and signing it. Usually, if you are cooperative and helpful, they are okay to make that exception! And worst case scenario - most rentals are painted in neutral tones, so whether you like to keep it neutral or make it bright you’ll be okay. Our next tip can help with either or!

  2. Artwork. This is especially important if you are not able to paint. Oversized frames and canvas’ can help a lot to personalize your space. Don’t feel scared to hang up things that seem more heavy duty - I have definitely felt before, ugh that will be a hassle when we move - but unless you actually have a moving date booked - why put it off when you know it would make you happy to have up on the wall?

  3. LIGHTING. This is probably the biggest and best tip I can give when it comes to personalizing your space. This is also great because when you buy a fixture, you can take it with you! Just keep the original fixture that was installed when you moved in, and just replace it when you leave!

  4. Hardware. This is something you can take with you and it makes a HUGE difference for a small amount of money. Maybe you hate the faceplates for your plugs, or your door handles, or the knobs on your cupboards. Guess what? Those are SUPER easy to change, and again, just keep the ones that came with your place somewhere safe, and replace when you leave.

  5. If you’re into wallpaper, there are LOTS of good peel and stick options out there suitable for renters. To be honest, I’m not much of a wallpaper person at this point in my life so I won’t claim to have any good info regarding this, but a quick Pinterest search provides some good resources on “renter-friendly” wallpaper/wall-murals etc.

And…that’s about it from me. Overall, the point of this blog is just to encourage you to put down roots, wherever you are. We all have the power to create beautiful, and inviting spaces - no matter our budget, or our rental restrictions. Sometimes a quick declutter or deep clean is all it takes for us to feel proud and happy in our homes - and that’s something I truly want for everybody; a home that makes them feel relaxed and happy and “at home”, in it.

If you’re a renter, or have been, I’d love to hear what other renter-friendly tips you have for making your space feel personal, without getting too crazy!