Must-Haves That Don't Need to be Ugly

It's no mystery to you, I'm sure, that I love pretty things. I am one of those people who is affected by their surroundings and even the kind of lightbulbs being used can totally throw me off. While it's pretty easy to find pretty things that are supposed to be pretty (pillows, picture frames, artwork, planters, trays, candle holders etc) it can be a struggle - or honestly something we just totally ignore - to find some of those must-haves that are at least a little bit cute? 

Sometimes, they come at a price, and sometimes they are a steal of a deal. I've got a combo of both in our first edition of, "stuff that doesn't have need to be ugly". 

What is the ugliest thing you HAVE to have in your home? Want some eye pleasing options? Let me know, down in the comments!