Podcasts I Can't Commute Without

Each day, I spend just under 2 hours in the car driving to and from the office. Though I go through phases of radio, music on my phone etc, the one that has really stuck by me is the podcast. 

The first podcast I ever started listening to was The American Life - which I'm sure you've heard of before. This is a podcast that started out as a radio show and still uses both avenues to reach its listeners. This was the podcast that really introduced me to the wonderful world of podcasts and now, I can't really imagine my commute without them! 

Since we're all about to get back into our "back to school" routines it's time for something new to shake up your daily commute. 

Or, maybe you were like me and just worked all through the summer and forgot other people were on vacay. You, you little worker-bee, can just continue on with your regularly scheduled programming - or maybe now....it will be podcasting?

The thing I love about podcasts is that when I finally get to the office or get home, I feel like I've  1) learned something, 2) been inspired by someone I didn't know very well, or at all 3) been helped to understand a worldview that I had trouble relating to previously or 4) laughed so hard it genuinely increased the happiness of my life. Maybe it was one of those things, maybe it was 2 or maybe it was all! Either way, If you haven't jumped into the world of podcasts, here are some of my favourites to get you started: 


SECOND LIFE by MyDomaine


Second Life is a series that spotlights successful women who've made major career changes—and fearlessly mastered the pivot. This podcast has been so timely and inspirational for me, as I am feeling like I'm slowly entering a bit of a quarter-life crisis myself! Even if you are not dreaming of a career shift, it is still a show that provides great insight into the lives of some truly amazing women! Give it a whirl, I say! You can find Second Life, here




I know that this may seem just like, wildly gross and graphic, and while the title might lead you to think it's about pornography, it's really not. It's a comedy podcast and while it does have some racy content, almost none of it is sexual. That seems impossible and hard to explain, but you truly just have to take the chance and listen to it.

IndieWire put it in a great way: "What’s a fellow to do when he discovers his dear old dad’s been privately writing erotica out in the garden shed? For Jamie Morton, the answer was obvious: Read it aloud while his two best friends make fun of it and record it for a podcast. What Morton, nor his trusty sidekicks Alice Levine and James Cooper, could never have predicted was that their little passion project would turn into a comedy podcast with a massive cult following..."

And you're in luck - the fourth season begins TODAY - though you definitely need to start at episode 1, season 1 if you're going to be of any use to the Belinda Blinks gang.

If you're a Belinker, then you'd already know, Monday is always porno day! 
You can listen to My Dad Wrote a Porno, here.


Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

Esther Perel - Where Should We Begin.jpeg

If you're at all interested in human behaviour, love, sex or relationships, then this is the perfect podcast for you. Esther Perel, the iconic relationship therapist (she's got TWO TED talks!) lets us in on one anonymous session of couples counselling. Each episode is a different couple, with a different issue. Even if our stories are different, there is usually something that you can relate to - or maybe it makes you think of a friend or a family member who is struggling along in life. Sometimes the episodes make me cry, sometimes I smile and nod along, and sometimes I don't really relate but listen with empathetic ears...but each episode has me DEEPLY emotionally invested, and always settled on my assumed outcome at the end. 

You've GOT to listen to this one. You can find it here.


And finally, Depolarize!

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 8.36.38 PM.png

This is a podcast that I think everyone could benefit from, but I think for some there may be some barriers to getting into it. It is based from a Christian perspective and a lot of the topics are related to differences in theology. As Dan (the product and creator) puts it, "Depolarize! Podcast seeks to find common ground at the intersection of politics, psychology and faith." 

I originally came across this podcast while listening to Bad Christian as they had Dan and Ellen (the hosts of Depolarize!) on the show, and it totally sucked me in, and even now, I am a member of their patreon list (meaning I financially support the show with just a small donation each month). Season 2 is especially great if you were at all shocked, dismayed, elated, discouraged, encouraged or downright depressed about the outcome and the culture of online comments/discussions during and after the US election in 2016. This podcast truly did depolarize a lot of people and topics for me. Some episodes left me feeling mad, some left me feeling vindicated, some left me feeling sick, but each one pushed me to grow and understand the people around me and in the world, a bit better. 

You can listen to Depolarize!, here.


I'd love to know which podcasts are on your must-listen lists! 

Have you listened to any of these before? Would love to hear your thoughts! Happy listening!