My Spring Wishlist (from H&M)


I have been in a bit of a spendy mood lately! Since leaving my full-time job and running my business I’ve become hyper focused on the money coming in and out - where before, I was lucky enough to not really have to think about it too much!

But now, you just never know if your clients are going to pay you on time, or if projects will be delayed or postponed etc. So, it’s really changed how I look at money, and overall, it’s definitely made me better with it, BUT it makes me really think twice when I spend for fun, which is like, fiscally responsible but also like, kind of a bummer? haha!

The upside, is that it has made me more intentional about my purchases. More intentional about what I’m bringing in, and more intentional about what I’m spending my money on!

So, because I am in on a spendy mood, I’ve been looking for my MUST-HAVES for Spring, the selection of things to spend my hard-earned cash on, ha!. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have that list finalized quite yet, HOWEVER I do have a delicious round up of items I found on the H&M site. Since there were so many goodies, I thought I’d make a little round up for ya!