Mood: October


I’m a little late to the party with my October mood - okay, not a little late, a LOT late - considering it is the second week of November - and I’ve been behind on my blogging in general lately, so I’ve got to apologize for that.

There’s been a few big things that have happened in my life that I wasn’t able to speak about at the time so I had to keep things sort of incognito while I went through the process. But, the flood gates have opened and the secret is out - I’m quitting my job.

Wait, what?!?! I know, some of you are probably thinking that, and I’ll explain.

Well, I guess I should take a few steps back, because some of you probably don’t even know what my job IS. I’m a graphic designer and I’ve spent the last three years working for a Canadian furniture and home decor retailer as their Lead Designer, and previous to that I have worked as an Art Director/Creative Director at various publications and projects. I am not going to give you a run-down of my resume - though if you are curious, feel free to send me a note on that!

But, all that to say - some awesome projects have come across my path and in addition to designing VITA every month - I just didn’t want to say no anymore. I was feeling sort of stuck, and I had to take the leap.

SO, I spent all of October feeling REALLY tired, conflicted and overall….excited. Excited for a break, to do something new, excited for a vacation (hello, last half of December - I’m just doing NOTHING! As should be done around Christmas!) and excited for the new journey I’m taking on in life. People always say that you’ve got to take a risk, to get the reward, and to be honest, I’m a scared-y cat - and I don’t really like taking risks - but I HAVE already seen the rewards from taking this leap.

SO, here is my very delayed “October” mood! How was October for you? Any crazy news? And don’t worry - the November one is coming this week!

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