Mood: November


What a crazy month! This month I’ll be finishing up my finals days as a person with a proper full-time job. How WILD is that?! I’m sort of on a countdown to vacation - I know it’s not vacation as I need to work to sustain myself, but I haven’t had a real vacation in….like….almost 3 years? The last time I took a solid amount of time off was for my wedding, and while of course, that was lovely, it was not exactly relaxing! Lots going on, lots of emotions….you get it!

But until those few weeks of relaxation - I am working my little booty off to retain clients, complete projects and set myself up for success….all while counting down the days until I have my freedom!

So, my head is a mess, and that is probably reflected here on this mood board! I feel like no matter your situation, November is always rough! Finishing up deadlines in anticipation for the holidays, last minute projects that need to be completed before the year is out, and of course, the personal functions start to flow into our calendars as we try to balance it all!

If that description fits you this November, I’m sending you all of the multi-tasking vibes! We can do it!