Mood: December


December has been a weird month so far. I left my full-time job on November 30th to run my business full-time. The first week, I wanted to just give myself time to chill - I haven’t had a proper vacation in YEARS, and as someone who can get anxious and worked up - even when I have taken days off, it’s been hard for me to turn off the voice in my head and really get focused on relaxing. That in itself is a weird sentence, hey? Focused, on relaxing - ha! But it’s true. It’s not easy for me.

With Christmas coming up, things are naturally slow. November was an insanely busy month for me - freelance wise and of course tying up all of the loose ends possible at my job - and so I’m definitely in need of recovery. I’m feel the neutral, green and brass vibes for the holiday season. It’s our first year with a REAL tree (by real - I don’t mean, an actual tree from the forrest - I mean like a full-sized actual “family-style” christmas tree) and I’m really excited. If you haven’t seen it on instagram - you can see it here. It’s also our first married Christmas, so that is special too.

Basically, I’m just excited for family time, down-time, husband and wife time, and all that good stuff. Some hot chocolate too, I think! How are you feeling when it comes to Christmas? All ready? Prepped? Relaxed? Dreading it? Don’t celebrate it? Lots of options and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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