Life Lately | Feb 2019

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I wanted to start this little “column” on here, as I have been navigating what I want this blog to be, and who I want to be in this digital space - and actually, I just want to get more personal.

I think in the past I’ve hesitated with this because I have felt like nobody really cared what I had to say, about my personal life. Or that people would think it was self-serving, or self-involved to share so much about yourself so publicly. But, sometimes you just need to process the things, or let some of your “stuff” out, and then you can be a bit more present with friends, family and the people around you. I don’t know - maybe that is going a little bit overboard!

BUT, life lately has been good. So different, but good. I am now almost 3 full months into my freelancing life - which feels short, but also CRAZY. While there is truly nothing like it - the highs can feel really, really good, and the lows can feel, well, low - but, I really wouldn’t trade it for anything. Life feels like, seriously so good. I have clients I love, projects that are fun, my introverted self feels happy and in its rightful place (home!).

But some days, it can definitely feel daunting, but it’s nice to know that I can really dictate how this is going to go! Obviously some things are out of my control - but there is a lot I can do - and a lot of flexibility that I have. It’s been genuinely fun so far! The only thing that scares me at this point, is having to do my taxes and not really sure where I’ll end up from a fiscal perspective at the end of this year (aka, which tax bracket I will belong to!). But, luckily, there are accountants for these things, of which I will definitely be hiring - so if you have a recommendation for the Lower Mainland, I’d love to hear it! As for this upcoming year, I will file my taxes as a regular salary-employee type of person, and will do a proper, full, small business filing next year.

So, anyway - in terms of a “life lately”, I’ll just recap how things are going! Personally - really good! I don’t feel like I’ve been able to be as connected to Matthew, like ever. Don’t get me wrong, working from home and also living there does have it’s challenges. He works a bit of a weird schedule, and he’s a teacher - so lots of work (marking, lesson planning) also gets done at home. He’s home a bit earlier than the average working person, but that’s okay. Because of this, I think my main challenge is that I don’t always feel like I get a full work-day of time to be alone - and even when he is quiet and trying to be courteous of me working - it can be hard to just not be distracted by his presence, if that makes sense. But it does make me feel like I need to be a bit more focused and fast during the morning hours - so that has it’s benefits for sure.

Professionally - things are good, but like I said before it’s a new landscape for me. I am still working on my site - I’ve been finding it hard to make time for that between creating content for other companies and brands, developing concepts, websites and completing regular design work, and of course, keeping up with my personal Instagram - but I am trying to chip away at it, and just GET. ER. DONE.

March - this is the month it will launch. Right?? Once my website is up, I think I will have much more confidence to get out there and comment on threads in Facebook groups to get more jobs, and really put myself out there. Right now, I just have my personal portfolio site - which frankly, hasn’t been updated in a few years - and was used as just that; a mere portfolio of past work when applying for jobs - not as a face for a business that I’m working on running. I think the biggest thing for me - a total “planner” - is the adjustment of just, letting things happen. I can’t predict how things are going to turn out. I can’t predict how the business is going to go, or expand, or work out. I can only do my best, and focus on that. So I’m working on just enjoying things as they come, planning for the future, but also being open to change.

On a far lighter note - I’ve also started doing my own nails (yeah, like MUCH lighter note!) - which is something I like, legitimately NEVER did at home. But now it seems silly to leave the house just to get my nails done, whereas before I would go on my way home from work and what not. And, the perfect time to paint your nails is right at your desk (I’m literally serious! It’s so smart!) and I’ve been getting better at it.

Speaking of beauty and self-care, I’ve also been really into skincare. It is something that I’ve had a love hate relationship with in the past. I worked at The Body Shop when I was in high-school - seriously, best first job ever! While I was there, I learned all about a total skincare routine - cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing etc - and I got really into the routines - but I was also a teenager, so it unfortunately just created a story in my head, that is was all a bunch of marketing. I am pretty oily, so the thought of moisturizing seemed like, an incredible joke, as I really didn’t want any more moisture on my face. However, in the last few years, that has changed. I’ve never had dry skin, like, in my whole life - and lately I can’t stop myself from reaching for the lotion! Of course, that’s a dramatization, but I really haven’t had this issue before - so using lotion is actually like, new to me. I used to have bottles and bottles that I’d get for my birthday and christmas just stocked up in my bathroom, and essentially would only use them for the smell, but now I need them for utility! How crazy!

Now that I work at home, I can really spend the time and energy on a great skincare routine, as I don’t have to wear makeup everyday anymore - or I can do some of it at my desk (aka let products sink in, before trying the next etc). So, there will be a separate post on that - as I have been experimenting with some new products and routines, and I’m finally feeling like REALLY impressed with what I’m seeing! And….all budget friendly! Woop!

In addition to this, I’ve been working on a capsule wardrobe, that I mentioned to you guys a few weeks ago. The post is still coming, I swear! Getting dressed has been feeling a bit easier and I’ve been exploring some new brands which feels exciting.

So, that’s life lately! Happy almost March!