IKEA Must-Haves That You Literally, Must Have!


Okay, so, I love Ikea. That is probably not a secret to me if you’ve ever looked closely at my decor or things in my place. I just think Ikea is overall like, a really good time.

I actually had a birthday party at Ikea when i was like, 11/12 (I think!). Which is like, pretty weird for a young person to want. You’re probably thinking, how on earth would one have a birthday party at Ikea? I’ll tell you.

So, you know how they have the $1 breakfast? Well, I asked my friends if they would meet me at Ikea, bring a magazine and then we did a magazine trade while we ate the $1 breakfast and then I think my mom bought a bunch of cinnamon buns and everyone came over to my place after and we hung out. Upon reflection, I now realize that all of my friends (and probably their parents!) were like….WHO Is this weird person (and who are her weird parents) that are having a $1 Ikea breakfast birthday party?!

Like seriously, what a weird birthday party for a kid to request! So there is your little origin story about me. I’ve always loved Ikea, and I always will!

But, to get back on topic, Ikea has been upping their (already pretty good tbh) game and I just wanted to share some of the things that had caught my eye!

Most of these things I either already own, or desperately want to own (and probably will in the next few months, ha!). I have to say, it’s been hard for me not to run out and grab #8. I am thinking it would look so nice in our living room on the sideboard under the TV, right?!

Take a look and let me know what you think!