I Marie-Kondo'd and Now I Have Nothing Left

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What happens when you decide to declutter, and really ask yourself if what is hanging in your closet brings you joy….but almost nothing does?

Sometimes I struggle with decluttering - not in the sense of hoarding or holding onto things - I LOVE to get rid of things and have never attached much meaning to physical objects - even when I was a little kid - but, I think in some ways it can really feed our culture of consumerism. If we are to really only want to keep things that bring us joy, we are going to inevitably find ourselves in a situation where the joy leaves the item, the outfit, the thing, and then we get rid of it. And then we will look around our homes, and think, none of this brings me joy, I need to find NEW THINGS to bring me joy. I just think, in the wrong context, we could be entering into a cycle of dissatisfaction. A cycle of finding joy in items, instead of finding joy from other - probably, more important, things.

Now, none of this to say that I disagree with Marie Kondo, I just think that we need to be a little bit careful about where we draw our joy from. I say this really as a reflection on myself too, I like to shop, I like to bring in new things, I also love to declutter - but if I continue to get temporary joy from new things, and then donate them in 3 months, was that really a good use of my resources? No. Am I really taking the proper care regarding which kind of items to bring into my home, my closet or my life? Probably not.

So, to remedy this, I’m really trying to make an effort to buy less/only buy things I REALLY want, rather than filler items instead of splurging on the thing I love. I’m done with fast fashion, or fast decor (unless I really happen to love it) - I really want to invest in pieces that can last me a long time, that I will hopefully cherish for longer.

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But, when it comes to clothes, I think we probably ALL have too many. Clothing that we bought on a whim, clothing we are hoping will fit again one day, clothing from a special chapter in our lives that hang in the back of the closet. And that’s all fine, because we do actually need clothes to put on our bodies.

But, in my situation - I have gone through my closet and I literally have like, nothing left. If I were to truly get rid of everything that doesn’t bring me joy, I’d ACTUALLY (no exaggeration) have one pair of jeans, a sweater, a pair of pyjamas pants (with 1,000 holes in them - don’t judge what brings me joy!) two dresses and an unflattering tee-shirt. That does not, a wardrobe (or frankly, even a single outfit) make!

As a plus-sized person, it hasn’t always been easy for me to dress the way I want. Isn’t that a weird concept - what if your body type doesn’t match your style? I feel like that’s my life-long dilemma in one single sentence.

Even with the most extreme of diets, or “lifestyle changes”, I will never have the body that looks good in my favourite clothes. I’ll tell you what I’d love to pull off - basically like, curve-less person who likes to dress in oversized but chic sweaters. But, that’s just not my reality. Like no matter the amount lost, or the change made. And the weirdest part of the whole thing, is that I don’t like, dislike my body? I mean, we all have criticisms - but my comments or concerns don’t stretch beyond a pretty regular body image. But when it comes to clothes, and my wardrobe - I’m dissatisfied.

I guess this post is kind of a rant, or just an “overshare”. I do that, I overshare, but it’s who I am, and I like making personal connections with you guys!

All of these thoughts have led me to research the “capsule wardrobe” concept, but I’ll tell you - there are surprisingly few resources for a plus-sized lady. There are some, but nothing that suits me, or the kind of wardrobe I want to have. So this year, this is an extension of my new years resolutions - I’m going to build a resource for a capsule wardrobe for plus-sized, relatively trend-focused women.

So, this brings me to my question for you:
Have you done the capsule wardrobe thing? How did it work out? Did you get bored?

That’s what I’m worried about. Getting bored in a few months and feel like I never have anything fun to wear. Anyway, those are my two cents on the topic!