Franky's Adoption Story


The day I met Franky started as any day normally does for me. My alarm went off, I snoozed it like, WAY too many times - and I eventually got out of bed and started to get ready for work.

Instead of heading to the office that morning though, I would be making my way to an animal shelter. At work, we were just finishing up the photography portion of a campaign called Blanket the Country - and this year, that included doing a photoshoot with some of the animals at the Vancouver SPCA.

As I was getting dressed, I joked to Matthew (my husband):
“On a scale of 1 to furious, how mad would you be if I brought home another cat??”

I was joking, but I guess part of me knew what was about to happen.

Once I got to the SPCA, we started with the easier animals - dogs. They adore almost anyone with a treat in their hands and we had some REAL cuties joining us that morning. All too quickly, those pups had completed their modelling debuts and it was time for the cats.

I’m not going to lie - I was pretty nervous about how it was going to go with the cats. Cats don’t typically listen to you when you tell them to sit, stay, and roll over, ya know? Our older cat, Penny - while I desperately wanted her to be included in this campaign, as we did adopt her from the SPCA - would have definitely been a nightmare at a photoshoot for this sort of thing, and so I assumed all of the other cats would be too.

….and that’s when I met him.

Jodi (the manager at the BCSPCA) brought him up in a little carrier and she pulled out this black and white ball of fluff, placed him on the X we had marked for the “models” and…he sat.


He just sat there.

My eyes literally widened and I was just STARING at him, and Jodi turned to me and said…..
”do you want to hold him?”

Um, yes please.

While I was completely joking about getting a second cat that morning, it didn’t seem like a terrible idea as I was looking into his eyes. We had room for another - we adored our cat Penny, and while I knew she was well cared for, and we did what we could, often, she seemed lonely to me. She is very active and playful, and with both of us working full-time, I felt like we weren’t able to play games with her as often as she would have liked. I had thought about it before - but ultimately each time decided that we were good as a threesome and worried about finding a cat that would fit her personality.

When I met Franky, I’ll be honest, he actually reminded me of my husband. Calm, cool, collected. Totally chill. Chill enough to just, sit on the X until he got further instruction. Penny on the other hand, reminds me of me - high-strung, doesn’t love to be touched, social enough, but more of a recluse, doesn’t want to be told what to do, loves her routines.

So, I felt like….if we can be happy together, maybe they could too?

After texting a few photos to my husband, he finally just said:
”If your heart is exploding, then just do it”.

It was. So, I did.


I applied at the front desk, and had to wait until the end of the day to hear back (which in retrospect was actually super quick! Though it felt unbearably long!). I was so worried that they were going to choose someone else to be his “mom”. But, luckily for us, they approved our application and we were allowed to bring him home.

When we brought him home, we were even in more in love. While it wasn’t love at first sight for Penny and Frank (….more on that in another post), they are now best little buddies and I do feel that overall, Penny is much happier now.

Blanket the Country - Urban Barn.JPG

Frank is truly Matthew’s little twin and they are pretty much inseparable. They basically just sit together all evening long and binge on Netflix, while Penny and I almost never sit still at home - always up and about, doing something.

The thing about pets, is that they truly become part of the family. That’s why I love the Blanket the Country campaign at Urban Barn this year. UB is donating 10,000 blankets to animals in need all over the country. The SPCA does SO MUCH for the animals in their care, often with limited dollars and resources, and I was so, so pleased to work on a campaign to support them.

Each animal in the care of the SPCA/Humane Society is given a blanket (or sometimes, it’s just a towel) to be placed in their bed during their stay. A blanket is one item the SPCA uses to help the animal feel like they are safe and increase their comfort level, while they await their forever home. Having items that bring comfort as they adjust to their new environments help the animals stay calm, and feel like there is a sense of familiarity in a new place.

For many of these animals, they have been moved around a lot. Whether that is because they were once homeless, or because they have been in the care of the SPCA for while and moved from shelter to shelter, it’s important they they feel like they have something that belongs to them.

We put together this cute little video at work that shares a bit more about the campaign this year. If you want to see Franky in action, you can watch him in action - and you can even see me in the thumbnail (and a bit of the video!).

Recognize the voice of the narrator? (Spoiler alert: IT ME!)

From looking over the papers that came with our adoption of Franky it looks like he was just bopping around Chilliwack for a few months, and the thought of him on the streets just breaks my heart. I cannot imagine him anywhere other than our home, as part of our family. I’m sure that so many of you feel the same way when it comes to your pets, and that’s why I love this campaign so much.

Blanket the Country - Urban Barn 5

I am so grateful for all of the work the Humane Society/SPCA branches around the country do, and this is just a little contribution we can make so that they can allocate the money they would normally spend on blankets elsewhere. I feel like most of you guys are pet people - so, you get it. But if you could spare $5 to donate a blanket to an animal in need, the animals and the SPCA would so greatly appreciate it.

So, if you feel as passionately as I do about pets - dogs, cats, chinchilla’s - whatever you’ve got - I know you’re probably going to be very into this campaign. You can donate two ways - in store (click here to find the store closest to you) or online! It’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3, paypal!

Got questions? Want to chat about how much you love your pets? Leave it all in the comments!


During Blanket the Country, Urban Barn is also giving away a Mondo chair - the perfect chair for cuddling with your pet - to one lucky winner! Get the details on how to enter, here.