The Weekly Edit / 01

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It’s been my first true week of adjusting to working in the summertime while Matthew is also home. He’s a teacher in case you didn’t know so he’s home now for the Summer and I work at home, and our apartment is tiny - so, that makes it a little more difficult. Last week was a bit truncated as we were away for a few days and I was working remotely, plus we had family in town, but it was back to the status quo this week and it was pretty good overall!

I’m realizing as I get older that I’m very routine based, and adjustments and changes to it can be hard for me. I can be sort of “particular” - especially with things around the house. During the school year, I have my time to putter around before starting my workday, but it’s been a bit different since Matthew is home, and sleeping in a bit later it hasn’t been the same, So, since Matthew is the last one out of bed, his daily duty this summer is to make the bed, and so far he’s done it every day! Sounds weird to be like, so happy about that - but we are both pretty different when it comes to household things and the way we like things done, so it’s a big deal and I appreciate it. I’m just one of those people who feel so much more tidy and clean when my bed is made. It’s a quick thing that makes a big difference so he’s making an effort, even though he doesn’t really care, just because of…well…LOVE, I guess! haha :)

So, to get right down to it, here’s the weekly edit:

yoga in the mornings

I used to love yoga. Did it often, was like…relatively good at it? But it definitely fell off my plate in the last few years. I think as I gained weight I felt like I would be bad at it, or I didn’t want to know how much less flexible I had become. I became sort of horrified at the idea of going to a yoga studio AND I - generally speaking - hate leaving my home and am very high on the introvert chart, and then I realized that Youtube exists and there are definitely classes you can do from your home, so I’ve been doing that. Each morning I just do about 20-40 minutes and it’s been really improving my energy and overall happiness!

washing my hair twice has changed my life

Um…so….you know on the back of the shampoo bottle how it tells you to wash your hair twice? I didn’t! Mainly because I’ve literally never read the instructions on how to use shampoo, and also because that honestly just sounds like a marketing ploy to get people to use more shampoo. However, I was wrong, and that was a lie. It is probably THE MOST important beauty advice I’ve discovered in the last few years of my life and now I can’t imagine not double washing.

A little background on me, my hair is really coarse, thick and oily. I HAD TO blow dry otherwise even by the end of that day my hair would look oily and dirty, and I couldn’t go more than 1 day without washing my hair (no matter how long I left it, no matter how much dry shampoo I used — trust me, I tried it!), and frankly all of this sucked. I never wanted to do my hair properly, or put effort into styling it because with my thick/coarse hair it would take upwards of an hour to do, and then I’d have to wash it out by the next day. So typically Id blow dry the roots to make sure it looked clean, and throw it damp into a bun, take out the bun later in the day when I had some waves. That was my hair routine (for an average day). But since double washing my hair, I can AIR DRY it and it looks basically perfect. Like…what?!??! literally can’t believe it. AND, it lasts me for a few days with the assistance of dry shampoo. This might be something you all knew because you read the back of the shampoo bottle, but just in case you didn’t. LIFE. CHANGING. So, I had to share.

coco eucalyptus body wash

I have been using a new body wash for the last few weeks - I’ve meant to tell you all about it but I keep forgetting, so now is the time! It was dreamed up and created by a Vancouver company called MIFA and I’m really enjoying it. Wondering why that is noteworthy? I’ll tell you. I’m not really the most knowledgeable when it comes to clean products. It’s mainly because I often really appreciate some of the things the less clean products provide: amazing smells, tons of bubbles, etc. But, I want to do better. As I am paying more attention to my skin (after many years of neglect) and considering the things I’m putting on my body I wanted to explore something a bit cleaner.

I was pleasantly surprised by this product. While not as thick as some of my less natural favourites, it left my skin feeling truly clean. No film, no residue, and it left my skin feeling pretty moisturized. The scent is mild, but fresh - overall I really enjoyed it! If you’re into clean beauty - or want to give some clean beauty a try - this was a good one! Also, the branding is nice and the bottle looks great in your shower!


I’ve become completely obsessed with this show. It’s not a new show, but after watching a few documentaries about the ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Israel (but also Canada, US, Europe etc) I became totally fascinated with the culture. The show is entirely in Yiddish so another reason I love it is because I can’t multi-task. Often I will “put on a show” in the evenings and continue working on the sofa. I can’t do that with this show, because I do not speak Yiddish. So, it’s all eyes on the screen, which has been sort of cathartic for me. To just enjoy a show, and not focus on anything else. However, back to the show - this is a dramatization, not a documentary so some of it should probably be taken lightly, HOWEVER, it was written/directed/produced by people who grew up in these ultra-orthodox communities in Israel, and I have to say, I feel it’s done very respectfully. It’s definitely a niche show - but if you’re into this kind of stuff like I am, I definitely recommend it. And if you do watch it, please be sure to message me about all of the main characters, or specifically…. Akiva, Elisheva, Lippe, Gitti, Shulum…okay, that’s basically everyone except for Zvi Ary, ha! But we could talk about him too!

Other documentaries I watched were: One of Us (Netflix - About Brooklyn’s Hasidic Community) and Love & Marriage (YouTube - About Match Makers/dating and marriage within the ultra-orthodox culture - it has three parts and was BY FAR my favourite to watch), A Hasidic Guide To Love, Marriage and Finding a Bride (Youtube - this one mainly focuses on the ultra-orthodox in Europe)

A tripod for my phone

This may not pertain to all, though, I think it should. I purchased a tripod for my iPhone - to take photos and more - and it’s TRULY the best $30 I’ve ever spent. I tested it out quickly the other day and it has already changed so much about the kind of photos I’m able to take. It comes with a remote control and so I’m HOPING to have more photos of myself on my feed. Matthew, though a precious gem of a man, just does not get my “angles right”, so photos of me is something I really leave to the professionals, or to myself. Highly recommend!

And that’s it for now! That’s the first weekly edit!