Perfect Pillow Pairings

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You don’t have to tell me how confusing it can be to pick out pillows that all go together! I think no matter how many times you do it, it always ends up being something worth spending significant time on!

When I first moved out and started buying textiles, I think my approach was just to get similar, but not conflicting solids in the same colour scheme. I had a neutral with bits of teal thing going on (I know that probably sounds very hard to imagine, given my current neutral palette!) and I think my cushions were literally: light teal, darker teal and black and white. But as I’ve grown in my “home decor journey” I’ve also grown in my textile preferences.

I used to scoff at the prices of higher end textiles - I’m always up for a deal - so Ikea, Homesense and the like were my go tos. But eventually, I wasn’t finding what I needed and I started to debate if those prices miiiiight be worth it?

It was worth it. I get it now. I’ve officially joined the “high-end textile club”. To be fair, my version of high end, is still on the low-end, compared to some options (hello Amber Interiors/some selections from McGee & Co, Susan Connor and more!). I’m not quite ready to dive into that yet - but I’m inching my way there, possibly.

So, to alleviate some pressure from you, if you are going through a pillow crisis, I wanted to round up some of my favourite pillows that I’ve seen lately. I tried to break them down into style and “mood”, as well as including a budget friendly neutral option at the bottom.

If none of these are quite your thing but you’d love to know where I look, I’d highly recommend checking out Etsy! There are SO many great options in a range of prices. For our budget friendly option, I kept every item under $50 - I actually don’t think any top $40 - but that’s the nice thing about Etsy - they’ve got those filters, so you don’t fall in love with something you can’t afford! My other top recommendation is H&M home. Every time I say that people are surprised that H&M has a home line. It’s true - they do! And I’ve ordered QUITE a few things from there. The quality is excellent and so is the price! Highly recommend!

If you’re not so much on a budget, and want to browse further than my selections down below, I’d recommend checking out UUSI Studio (she’s Canadian, too!). She has created three of my very most favourite pillows (yes, you can totally have favourite pillows!) and her quality is outstanding. I’ve loved working with Karlene (my pillows have been custom, but she does have some ready to go in her Etsy shop!). I think you will too!

And after you’ve visited UUSI Studio, you should head over to Danielle Oakey Shop, my rust striped pillow (shown in the first pairing) is from her, and it adds SO much to our living space. She has a ton of patterns and colours - and even offers “pillow pairings” on her site - which is nice to get the imagination going if you’re stuck in a rut.

And finally, my last little tidbit for this post, is all about mixing patterns. I think this can feel really daunting, but my design tip, is to focus on the scale. If you have a large pattern, you’ll want to mix it with a smaller pattern, or a neutral more “texture-like” pattern. If they are both of the same scale and vibrancy, it will feel cluttered and they will compete. Try to keep this rule of thumb in mind as you make your selections and I really think it will all come together that much easier!

Alright, enough talk - it’s time to review pillow pairings! Enjoy!



Warm Neutrals: 1. Black Tassel | 2. Cream Pattern | 3. Charcoal Lumbar | 4. Umber Stripe | 5. Grey Plaid

Eclectic Bohemian: 1. Vintage Rust | 2. Grey Hmong (similar) | 3. Kilim Pillow | 4. Rust Hand-Stitched | 5. Luna Stripe

If You’re Feelin’ Blue: 1. Indigo Batik | 2. Idetta Pillow | 3. Juniper Pillow | 4. Sierra Stripe | 5. Charcoal Stripe

Neutral Boho-Chic: 1. Pom Poms | 2. Lolita | 3. Woven Stripe | 4. Split Stripe | 5. Linen Fray

Beautifully Budget Friendly: 1. Linen in Charcoal | 2. Ecru Pattern | 3. Patterned Lumbar | 4. Washed Natural Linen | 5. Linen Charcoal (same as #1)