I missed my April mood board - oops! The first one that I’ve missed since I started this segment, and I did think about going back and doing one just so that there would be one for every month if someone were to look in the “mood board” category BUT, I have decided that as my plate gets more and more full with work I am just going to accept defeat in the month of April and carry on for the future.

So, the month of May is all about opportunity for me. Business opportunities, development opportunities, team opportunities (I’m expanding my team! Exciting and scary all at the same time!)

I’m feeling excited and nervous and like this is a month for new beginnings in my business. So, this mood board is a bit of a visual “pep talk” that I’m giving myself. If you need some pep, it’s here for you to take as well.

Good things are coming, friends!

As always sources and links to these images can be found on my Pinterest.

Mood Board May - Style & Such.jpg