Get the Look: My Dining Chairs

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.57.43 PM.png

One of the questions I get the most on Instagram, and in general I guess, is “where did you get your dining chairs?” And the unfortunate answer to that question is that they are no longer sold from where I got them (which was Structube, if you were curious).

The extra part to this is that I’ve been looking for these chairs for myself, because I would also like another set! Our cats (mainly Frank) have totally destroyed these chairs - and I LOVE them but looking at them makes me feel sad sometimes because of how ratty they have become.

So, as much for you as for me, I’ve put together a list of similar-ish chairs. I’ve also included some that I just think are beautiful and tell the same “story”. Hopefully, if you’re in need of some new dining chairs and have been eye-ing mine - that this little round up helps!

And of course, if you’ve seen some around the internet that I have missed but should have been included - please let me know!