MOOD: July


I’m not really a summer person, there is no way to twist that. But, I’ve been enjoying this summer quite a bit! At first, I’m not going to lie, having Matthew home everyday (he’s a teacher) was a bit of a difficult adjustment for me. While I work at home, he’s usually gone so I feel like I have my own space, but it’s definitely been a transition to have him home everyday, and for me to conduct my normal work day while he’s around. We live in a small space - just incase you weren’t aware (640 sq ft) and so there isn’t a ton of room for privacy. But It was one the reasons why I really wanted to get our patio to a place where we could enjoy sitting out there, and turn it into more of a true living space.

On the flip side, now that we’ve adjusted it’s been really nice to be able to spend so much time together. I’m really cherishing so much about this time in our life. We don’t have any children, we are living in a “cozy” space and we are able to really be around each other a ton, and for us that is a good thing. We are fortunate to naturally live together really well - I know for some people there is a hard adjustment after first living together or getting married, but we’ve always been good “roommates”, if you can call it that.

For the first time in my adult life, it does feel like Summer. Usually I just work the whole way through and it feels the same, except way hotter - and while that is sort of true - lots of hours are being put in at my desk, it does feel like Summertime, and like we’ve gotten to indulge a bit in the spirit of the season, so to speak.

That really was the inspiration behind this mood board - the summer sun, romance, simplicity and joy.

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