02 / 24 Things Currently In my Cart from H&M


Last time I did this you guys really loved it - and as I found myself with 500 tabs open from the H&M site tonight, I figured I should just plop them all together into a blog post!

Honestly there is a lot of great stuff on the site right now that I couldn’t possibly post it all. But, I rounded up my faves for you - I tried to add a little bit of colour (okay, okay, it’s still sort of “neutral) so, enjoy!

Also, important note if you’re not familiar — with H&M Home items, you have to nab it RIGHT AWAY if you want to get it! It goes super quickly!

So….here we go! 24 things that I’d love to buy from H&M right this very moment if I was rich (and a few I am actually purchasing)!