Mood: March


I’m trying this new thing where I’m going to write my moodboard before the month even starts! I think instead of a recap, I am going to structure it on what I’m looking forward to - what I’m projecting for the month of March, or whatever month is upcoming, rather than recounting how it’s been going - you know?

So, the month of March is a special one for me - I got married LAST March, and it was amaze. The first year of marriage has taught me so, so much about marriage in general and honestly, about true partnership. I’ll save the rest for another post because I’m going to do one specifically about marriage.

But, in this month of March, I’d like to book 1 personal branding client in addition to what is currently on my plate, and line up two new projects for the rest of the year (date doesn’t need to be specific). I am also planning to launch my business website - it’s ABOUT TIME - which in turn will give me more confidence to get out there and acquire new business!

My other goal, is to successfully launch my business Instagram, but ALSO weave my work into my own feed a little bit better. I’m feeling FRESH for March - and excited for what is to come!

And, as always, these images can be found over on my pinterest feed!