01 / What We're Watching Right Now

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I’m not sure what you guys are like when it comes to “screen time”, but we love watching Netflix/TV in the evenings. I don’t really like to have the TV on during the day, or dinnertime, but to wind down at the end of the day it’s the best. Most of the time, I continue to work at night - whether it’s for clients or for the blog, and I am usually on my computer while the TV is on. Matthew is often the same - has things to do for work, is playing a game, or researching some kind of guitar pedal that he “needs” to add to his board. So we sit side by side, and usually put on our new favourite show. For some reason we’re not really movie people, I think it’s the length, but we do love a good TV show. I have a feeling you guys are the same and also love your Netflix time, so I thought I’d share what we’ve been watching.

Derry Girls
We LOVE this show. Like, seriously love this show so much! We’ve actually watched it twice now, because it’s just that funny. This show tackles some serious subjects with serious sass. I don’t want to spoil too much about the premise - but essentially it’s about a group of teenagers from Londonderry, Ireland in the 90’s. It’s so, so good - even Matthew is #obsessed. It is only 6 episode long, so try not to binge - because you’ll be really sad when it’s over!


The Romanoffs
Full disclosure, Matthew did not enjoy this show. He tends to dislike shows that just feature “people talking in different rooms” (direct quote) - ha! This show is definitely a little bit of that, but I really enjoyed it for the most part. I wouldn’t re-watch this show - but it has some amazing actors in it and each episode features a different storyline. The connecting piece between the episodes is that each one features people who believe themselves to be descendants of the Romanov family.


I was resistant to watch this, I won’t lie. Only because I don’t like scary shows and I had heard that it was totally freaky - but I’m glad I did because I loved it. LOVED IT. My friend Ashley of Scout Modern said I should definitely give it a go and I’m so glad I did! Matthew loved it too - we ended up binging it one single day - he wouldn’t let me go to bed - he was like, “HOW can you sleep when we don’t know how this ends?!”. We were really tired the next day, but it was deffs worth it. Plus, he was the one who had to get up in the morning and teach children, whereas I was able to get a slower start in the morning to accommodate - so it worked out well for me. Everyone should watch this - at the very least, it will inspire you to get some window treatments, if that is something you are lacking!


Parks & Recreation
I guess I’m a bit (read: super) late to this party, but we really got into Parks & Rec recently. Matthew had watched it before we started dating and wasn’t super hardcore into it, but did watch it - and recently we discovered it on Prime Video and we just love it. It’s just so pure and funny. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s really all the best things about love, friendship, passion in your career, community. It’s all of the good things. I just love Leslie Knope so much - I wish she was a real person so I could be friends with her!


Happy Endings
I’m not actually watching this right now - but I just saw that it has been added onto Amazon Prime (it was the saddest day ever when it was removed from Netflix) and if you haven’t seen it before you HAVE to watch it. So good. It’s about a group of friends - some are couples - and the first episode begins at the altar actually! If you’re a Mindy fan - Dr. Peter Prentice is on the show as their gay friend Max, and if New Girl was your thing, you’ll recognize Coach! It’s definitely a great feel-good show. We actually named Penny somewhat after one of the characters on it. “Year of Penny!”. 10/10 would recommend!


Other shows we’ve watched recently (but I feel like most people have) were (of course) The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, Friends From College - but to be honest, found it to be a bummer? I didn’t really find it that funny - it just made me sad actually haha - but maybe we didn’t watch enough of it? I keep hearing people say it’s the funniest show they’ve seen in a long time - but the context of it just bummed us out. We are ALWAYS watching The Office, so I didn’t include that, but trust me, we’ve been watching it. Any other mega office fans out there?

We also just started watching One Mississippi (a few episodes in!)- so I’ll keep you posted on that one. It’s also on Prime Video if you’re interested in checking it out!

If you have a new favourite show that isn’t on the list - please let me know. Russian Doll maybe? I’ve been hearing about that one a lot! I’d love to hear about what you’re loving and watching.