My Morning Routine


A lot has changed for me in the last few months - as I’ve said 100 times already. But the biggest thing for me in setting the stage for my “new life” has been a morning routine. I did notice this week, that this morning routine is really kicked off by Matthew’s departure for work, and when he is home (this week he was home sick one day, and there was also a snow-day) things just DO NOT run as smoothly for me - so I need to work on that making it seamless -regardless of if he’s home or not! Baby steps, baby steps!

But I’ve had a few questions about how I keep focused when working at home so I thought I would share my morning routine! I will just say, that I wake up quite late I think, in comparison to other people getting ready for the work day. I justify this by a few things. One, I am not a morning person. I am miserable, unhappy and unfocused too early in the morning. I did try to get up at like 6-6:30am like I used to for the first few weeks - but then I was like, wait, why am I doing this? I hate it, literally so much, and there is literally nobody that cares if I wake up at 6 or if I wake up at 8!

So, Matthew usually gets up around 7am and leaves for work around 8. I am usually “awake” at 7 when he does, but I get out of bed typically around 7:50-8am (I know, sorry!) and I use that hour to get ready for my day.

My routine goes as follows:

  • Get out of bed, use the washroom, wash my face, brush my teeth. I have been showering in the evenings lately, and I’ve found this has really streamlined my mornings and made me much more efficient and able to stay on schedule. I have really thick hair that literally takes HOURS to air dry, and to blow dry about 30 minutes - so after showering, blowdrying, and attempting to somewhat style it - the hair portion of my getting ready, ends up taking up quite a chunk of my day! So, this is why I now do this in the evenings.

  • Get dressed. This has been a must for me, and if you work from home, I would recommend that you also do this. However, by “getting dressed”, I will clarify that this does not exactly mean “appropriate for any business-casual environment”. My staple has been a pair of comfy (likely, ripped) jeans, and a tee-shirt and sweater. I could run to the grocery store in this outfit, but I would not think this is acceptable to wear to an office. Another major switch I made was going from wearing a “proper bra” to a bralette. At home, I am typically of the “no-bra” variety - but I just felt like it was putting a strain on my back to work “bra-less” and it just felt a bit too much like my free time, rather than work-time. Before this, I didn’t actually own any bra-lette’s and have found them to be hard to find if you are bustier than the average gal (which I am!), and so I thought - I’ll see if I can find a cheapie one on Amazon, and if its terrible, oh well, and if it’s great, I’ll order a bunch. My first attempt turned out to be a great option for me, and now I own it in a few colours! If you’re curious, you can find the link, here.

  • Feed the cats breakfast, and make coffee. I feed our cats in tiny bowls (love tiny bowls!!). After they’ve eaten, I grind the coffee, fill up the water and start the machine. I’ve also had a few questions about the kind of coffee we make at home - and how we stay away from coffee shops - and honestly, it’s all because of this coffee - Pallet Coffee Roasters, Ethiopia Blend - It is LITERALLY the best drip coffee I’ve ever had, never mind made at home! 10/10, would recommend! We’ve tried a few of their other blends, and we also also enjoyed them - so if you’re in need of something new to try, I definitely recommend Pallet as a good place to try!

  • Do a 15 minute clean. I do set an alarm on my phone, but I also really use the coffee maker as a timer for this as well. To keep myself from getting distracted with household “chores” during the day, I give myself 15 minutes increments ONLY to clean. I am not the kind of person who fluffs all of the pillows and gets the living room in perfect order before going to bed. I want to be, but I’m just not. So in the morning I tidy up the living room, usually fold and put away some laundry (or whatever household chore there is to do). And whatever it is on my list, I only give myself 15 minutes to do it. For some reason, setting the alarm on my phone keeps the sense of urgency high. Like, how much can I do in 15 minutes?! It becomes a game! Once the timer is up, the coffee is usually ready.

  • And the final thing I do, is turn on the sconce at my desk. It’s kind of a strange little thing to do, but I’ve almost been using this lamp an the sign of whether the “office is open” or closed. We live in such a small space, it can be so hard to separate work and personal time, so the light has been a bit of a symbol to me, of when the “office time” starts, and when it ends.

And that’s about it - at 9am, I start for the day just like I would in my office before! This is what I’ve been doing - and it’s been working so well! Do you work at home? What is your morning routine like? If you’ve got any tips, I’d love to hear them!