Mood: January


January is supposed to be the month where you just feel so hopeful, and refreshed and ready to go, but I have to admit - I’m not really feeling like any of those things. December was definitely a refresh month for me. After feeling totally burnt out, I was really just needing to recover - which was a hard conflict with also needing to be passionate and excited about my business. I feel totally vulnerable sharing this with you - as I guess I sort of feel like, you always want to be positive and show a confident front when it comes to entrepreneurship and the like - but while I’ve been super busy with work, I’ve also been feeling unsure of what I want my next step to be!

The big question for me (that I’ve now answered) is - do I want to work at home and just make a nice income for myself for the rest of time? Or do I want to expand and have a team, and eventually rent out an office space and really turn this into a business where other people can be successful and grow? The answer is the second one. That in itself is scary to type out and “publish” on the internet. You know, fear of failure and all of the rest! But….that’s the truth.

So, my January mood board really just reflects this combined state of “blah” and calm, and being unsure of what is to come. What IS to come? I really don’t know. All I can do, is be consistent, do my best and see where this takes me!

So, here’s to January and an amazing 2019!