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So, now that GoT is over - what is there to even watch?! Well, first of all - I’d recommend re-watching Game of Thrones - we did, while Season 8 was on, and honestly it changed the way I felt about the shows and the episodes. SO MANY little things that came to fruition that people forgot - and who is to blame. The show has been on for TEN years - that’s a lot of tiny details to remember for a long time period! But if you’re just over it, or can’t bear to dive in just get (#justiceforjon, am I right?!) I totally understand, and have got you covered!

Without further ado, here is what we’re watching right now:

Chernobyl (Crave/HBO)



YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. It’s non-negotiable.

I’m not really one for big dramatic statements (okay, that’s a lie), but everyone needs to watch this show. I’m going to allow myself the embarrassment of sharing with you that I really didn’t even know the HALF of it when it comes to Chernobyl. I had definitely heard the name before, knew it was a tragedy, but honestly….I never realized how truly tragic this event was until I watched this show. Matthew was horrified by my lack of knowledge but like….I don’t feel like this is entirely my fault! I really don’t think there was space in the curriculum to give the time and care needed to truly explain Chernobyl in school! But, blame aside - you need to watch it. It’s horrible, it’s illuminating, it’s educational, the cinematography is beautiful and the acting is perfect. AND, if you’ve still got that HBO subscription kicking around from GoT then, definitely watch it before it runs out! It’s a 5 part mini-series and this week was episode three. So, if you start on Monday you’ll have 4 to watch and just one to go! That being said, this is not a show to binge watch. I honestly couldn’t even sleep after the first two episodes so, maybe not the best show to binge.

Shrill (Crave/HBO)


Never has there been a show that has spoken to the depths of my soul the way that Shrill does. First of all, I love Lindy West. She is an amazing and funny writer, an intelligent and creative woman, and she also happens to be plus-size, and talks about it (which is like, for some reason, really taboo! even still!). As a fat person (don’t berate me about that word — it’s true! I am fat! and I can also be beautiful, or attractive, or gorgeous or whatever word you were going to say after “no, you’re not, you’re _____!”. Stop doing that by the way, if you do that.) I haven’t really ever had any public-figure-type-females to look up to that are not a punch-line or someones old mom in a movie, or a cartoon character. Anyway, how this relates to Shrill is this: Lindy wrote her story and named it Shrill. Shrill was adapted into a TV show, and “Lindy” (Annie, in the show) is played by Aidy Bryant. And, long story short - it’s amazing! Watch it. If you’re fat, you def need to watch it, and if you’re not, you ESPECIALLY need to watch it. Also, if you’re not a fat person, but are wanting to learn more about being a positive influence in a fat friends life, I recommend checking out @yrfatfriend on IG. I find that I am learning new things all of the time from her, realizing more and more of my own internal fat-phobia and just….becoming a better and more empathetic human.

Big Love (Crave/HBO)


The hankering for this old show started because honestly, I had my period, and I woke up feeling all sorts of moody, and I found myself NEEDING to know what the Brown Family (From TLC’s Sister Wives) were up to these days. I used to love watching that show when I had cable (I have a HUGE and strong fascination with human behaviour and secretive high-demand religions) and I realized I had literally no idea what they were up to. Still living as a person without cable, I figured like, this family has to have a Reddit board or something - so I found one (though tbh it’s mainly just people being kind of mean?) and someone mentioned Big Love on there, and I reminded of that amazing show (that I only watched a few episodes of, I think this was before PVR’s were a thing) and saw that it was on Crave - as we are now subscribers of the HBO package (thank you Game of Thrones!) and I decided to dive back in. It’s the show every curious person like myself deserves but never knew they needed.

Where I grew up, and currently in the area where I live, we really don’t have a high population of Mormonism (in fact, I don’t even think I could name one local person I’ve ever met or known that is Mormon/LDS) for whatever reason, and so it’s a religion that was totally new to me until a few years ago. I find it totally fascinating, and while I do realize that Big Love is a fictional show (and obviously dramatized and sexualized for like, “hollywood”), and that these are actors and not real people, it does shed a light on so much more than just what you’d find on Wikipedia.

But basically, the show Big Love, if you haven’t heard of it before, is about Bill and his three wives (Barb, Nicki and Marge). They live very secretly as polygamists (with three homes right next to each other on the same street) and backyards that connect. Bill always only going into Barb’s front door, but will connect to the other homes through their weird backyard situation. I always wonder about the neighbours of the two on the ends though - don’t they even look down into this weird compound-y backyard?? I guess it’s just a TV show so I should get over it!

Anyway, it’s really interesting - there is definitely some nudity (I think I saw a bit of a penis!) and sex is a topic (obviously), so just, be aware if you’re delving in and are shy when it comes to that. It mainly touches on discrimination, their secretive lifestyle, the Mormon religion and also the disturbing realities of the fundamental compounds. It was interesting, and I also learned something. So, there you go!

For any LDS members reading, I am aware that 99% of Latter Day Saints do not practice polygamy, and these are fundamental sects. Don’t worry! I’m not totally in the dark!

Curb your Enthusiasm (Crave/HBO)


I know this show is like….eternities old, but I had never seen it before, and Matthew found it on Crave, so we started watching it, and I have to say it’s actually really funny. Larry David, is a ridiculous man, and that’s all I’ll say about it! Weirdly, he and Jerry Seinfeld actually have almost the same voice? it’s strange if you close your eyes and listen! Apparently though, Season 10 will be out in 2020 - so if you haven’t seen it before, now is a good time to start!

And….that’s about it!

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