Want a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen? I'm spilling the tea on accessories.

My newest clients are moving into a brand new, blank space that they had begun renovating. This couple has great taste, and is stylish but just wanted some assistance bringing it all together. 

They love the farmhouse look, but didn't want it to feel too theme-y which is perfect, because if we've ever worked together before, you'll know that I cannot stand when spaces get "theme-y". 

I think we've all seen some AMAZING modern farmhouse spaces on the internet, and this couple felt the way we all have when looking at them: they are timeless and homey. So, with that in mind I set off to pick some items to help them style their kitchen and dining space. 

Here are some of the amazing inspiration photos I ran into when researching for this project:

Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors

All of these spaces are totally pin-worthy and you can now understand if you didn't before why my clients love that farmhouse look. We're still working away on the rest of their home, but here is a start on a design board for their space. It is going to be SO exciting to see it all come together and I cannot wait to show you guys the finished result. But for now, here is the initial board for their kitchen:

Are you loving the farmhouse trend lately? I've been totally digging it, but so much of our place is modern in terms of our fixtures and cabinetry etc, so it isn't going to work out in this place as much as I would love it!

What about you? Is this kind of kitchen on your lust-list?