Mood: August

I love August because it's basically September, and that means it's basically Fall, and I love Fall. Ha! 

No, I'm joking....August has some redeeming qualities too, that I shouldn't skip over. It's got memories of back to school shopping (this was THE BEST, wasn't it?), final weekends away and mini-vacations, my mom's birthday and often, the most unbearable heat of the summer. But aside from that, August has always been a sort of "new year" for me. It's a time when we re-evaluate who we want to be after our vacations have ended. We re-think about the way we're eating, what kind of routine we have set, and the way we are presenting ourselves. Maybe it's a fashion revolution, a declutter of your space, or a new class to add to your routine, but somehow, we always start thinking of how we will evolve for the "new year". I love that in the heat of the summer, we still find a cool and refreshing start.


About my August Mood:

Warm citrus, neutral spaces, editorial design (hello, September Issue!), a relaxing moment to practice some self-care, a time of indecision, drying off from the beach but still a splash in the pool. August, you're feelin' pretty fresh, yet really reliable.