J.Crew Loves Big Bodies Too

It should not be a shock to you, to read that I am plus-sized. Well, if it was....I'm plus-sized. This has meant that for me, I've often sacrificed my personal-style because, what I wanted to put on my body, was not available in the size my body currently is/was. 

J. Crew has been one of those brands that I have longingly browsed through for many years. My favourite clothes friends had owned were often J. Crew and while their jewelry COULD NOT be beat a few years ago, that was really the only thing I could purchase from them that fit the way it was intended to. 

SO, colour me JOYFUL when I saw this collab from the Universal Standard and J. Crew on the internet. I have heard some people criticize the collab - saying that they don't feel like a plus-sized person was consulted AT ALL, and that it doesn't look like J. Crew. I'd like to address both of those things. 

  1. I seriously doubt that, plus (ha!), this plus-sized person likes this collab - so, I mean, it's definitely not for everyone!

  2. I can sort of see what you're saying, but you need to remember that it is a COLLAB. Collaboration makes the world go 'round peeps.

I'm happy to see this collab, and hopefully, J. Crew will continue to include plus sizes in their future collections! Here's hoping!

ALSO, this may be embarrassing for me....but I didn't even realize that the Universal Standard was a company. I'd never heard of them before. They do some pretty amazing things over on their site - so if you are in the dark about Universal Standard like I was, be sure to check them out! They currently have a collab of their own, with one of my fave ladies Nadia Aboulhosn so be sure to check that out.

If you haven't seen the collab yet, you can do that here

For now, here are a few of my FAVOURITE things from the new collab. 



Are you plus-sized? What is a brand you'd LOVE to see carry more inclusive sizing? 

Did you see anything in the collab that you LOVED (or even disliked?) I'd love to know!