Bags I'd Like to Put Things In

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I have always been drawn to giant bags. I love a catch-all bag that you can throw everything into. I usually don't actually swap my bags during the work week or even on the weekends actually, so a big bag works perfectly for me. I typically just shove everything from my cosmetics to my wallet to the 100 receipts I've kept for zero reasons and of course my work notebooks and laptop all together in one big sac.

Speaking of my trusty tote, a few years ago I purchased this tote bag from American Eagle after drooling over my co-workers "very expensive bag". I finally asked her about it and I was shocked and also delighted to know that it only cost $50 and was from American Eagle. Even though I've had it for 2 years, it's held up perfectly and I'm actually really sad that they stopped selling them - I should have stocked up! 

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I would say that this "one bag fits all" approach has worked well for me over the years; you are never without anything you need and because I own a car, it's not really a big deal walking from the parking space into the office, or the lot to the store etc but there has been the odd time when it is really inconvenient to lug my giant bag around with me, and I've realized I have nothing I love as an option for something smaller.

I feel like I've been looking at bags/purses for a long time, and the one place I get stuck is on the spend. I struggle with the logic around the price point for purses - do you go cheap and cheerful so that you can have more cute purses to change up? or do you invest in a good solid piece? I haven't decided on that, nor figured it out, so I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter if you've got them!

In the meantime, I was on ASOS today and came across a slew of pretty bags that I wanted to add to my cart, so I thought I'd round up some of my favourites from there and other places and share them here. 

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Are you a purse person? do you have a ton? or a favourite few? do you invest a lot or just a little? What's the latest bag related purchase you made? do you love it? Recommendations? Send'em over!