Trend: Art Deco, en Francais


In the last few years we've embraced the "jungalow" look, the popularity of the modern farmhouse, and the resurgence of shiplap and it's been great, but what's coming next feels more fresh than any of those things did (to me, anyway) and I'm living for it. 

We're seeing it from our most trend-savvy retailers and starting to see more of it in peoples homes and I think it's safe to say Parisian art deco is here to stay for at least a good time, if not a long time. 

So, let's talk key points. With this new style, you'll be sure to find most if not all of these in your new favourite art deco room; black and white accents, texture, sculptural lighting, pops of bold colour and - you guessed it - art deco style architectural and sculptural pieces.


Black & White Accents

Nothing makes a statement like black and white does. It's simple, it's chic and you can clearly see the most amazing french couple living here in your head, can't you? Art Deco is not what you'd call minimalism, as the layers help to create the sophistication. As you can see in the above image, this carefully curated sideboard feels eclectic, classy and timeless all at once.  





This room above is absolutely STUNNING. Each piece is so intentional, and each layer is more and more luxurious. As we move from the glass coffee table (topped with those beautiful marble trays) on a rug that you're not quite sure if it's animal print or a modern black and white pattern- but you just don't care because it all works together so perfectly, to those statement armchairs in a fabric that makes you just want to caress them, to the velvet dining chairs, the feathers on the sideboard, the layers of candle holders and the stunning brass accents around the room we've truly got it all. How CHIC is this room? 


Sculptural Lighting


Lighting is important for so many reasons. First of all, electricity is an amazing invention. I think we can all say a gratitude prayer about that one, but of course in a more modern and every day sense, It sets the mood, it helps us see, and now, it ALSO functions as an art piece.


Pops of Bold Colour


Just like everything else about this trend, even the pop of colour keeps it classy. While we see BIG colours making BIG statements, it doesn't fall into the juvenile territory. With a balance of textures and materials, the above room keeps it classy and colourful because it lacks a "theme". There aren't flamingos or pineapples or mention of being oceanside, yet you can't help but feel the (very sophisticated) sunshine in this space. 


Art Deco style Architectural or Sculptural Pieces

This might seem like a no-brainer for the art deco movement, but it's important! We're seeing more and more "found" pieces that are either legitimately vintage or carefully recreated to feel that way. Unique is the keyword with this trend, and it really forces you to be someone who loves the hunt for a great design piece to pull it off. Gone are the days of walking into one store and buying pieces from one set up and calling it a day  - unless that store is The Line. With this trend, you need one-of-a-kind pieces to really tell the story of your space. 

In addition to that, a feel good addition to this delightful trend is it's "bo-po" style celebration of curves. Clean, strict lines no longer because these curves are making waves in a home near you. Even though these rooms feel sophisticated, they also feel lived in, and welcoming and I think we can safely say we owe that to the curves showcased in these spaces.


A little extra

One more tasteful tidbit that I don't think defines this trend, but I do think deserves it's own honourable mention.
I'd like to present to you, the mirror.

I am predicting (and already seeing!) that we will see mirrors being used as decor pieces more and more this year. We're talking form over function. They will be used as art installations and statement pieces in a thematic art deco style. Like we've seen with lighting this year, mirrors will be ramping up to be used more for style rather than for literal use.