March 26 AKA, Best Monday Ever

Whistler Wedding Ceremony Stone Circle.png

On March 26th I did the best, scariest thing I could have done. I got married! 

I can't sum up the day any other way than perfect. We kept our wedding super small - 14 people, including the two of us - and of course I am biased - but that amount of people was just perfect. I felt like we were able to truly savour tiny moments with each guest. 

Ring Ceremony Wedding.png

While it was a bit, bittersweet that we did not invite any friends, I really feel like this worked out so perfectly for us. Thankfully, all of our closest friends are really chill and understanding and nobody's feelings were hurt (that we know of!). With blended families on both sides and more than enough siblings to spare (no offence, fam) we were already up to 12 with just our parents and siblings. We both also have very large extended families, and while we love them all, and are so close to them, inviting our friends and closest family members put us well over 150 guests. 

When we got engaged (slash picked our date and discussed our wedding - there's a different post on that!) we knew we didn't want a long engagement. We wanted to just get'er done and move on into our first chapter of marriage. With only a 4 month engagement period before our wedding day, a list of 150 guests and my "exquisite" taste, we just didn't have the budget to pull off a bigger wedding with all of the bells and whistles in my dreams. 

We also wanted to write our own vows, and we didn't want to worry about sharing our feelings and private vows in front of a large group, so for us, the way we did it was just perfect. 

Overall, our day was SO sweet. My sister had everyone in my family (and my best friend since I was like, 3!) write me letters. This was a total surprise to me, so in the morning when I went to my mom's room at the hotel to get ready with the two of them, she handed me a box with 9 letters in it. I had to read them in shifts as they were so emotional.

My mom had decorated her hotel room, which was super sweet and put together my something old: dishes from my dad's mom who my middle name is after, my mom set out some snacks for the day on them around her room. This was a total surprise and was SUPER emotional for all of us, something borrowed: my mom's hummingbird pin that I pinned to the linen on the back of my bouquet, and something blue: some amazing books from my children, like "I'll Love You Forever", that had blue covers. I know typically you are supposed to wear all of those things, but I am not huge into traditions in that way, and I loved that each piece was so meaningful and special to me and my family. 

Wedding Decor.png

Our wedding was also a really special weekend for me with my family. Even though my parents are very much divorced (and remarried to people that we love), I asked them if we could drive together with my two siblings to the ceremony site. So there we were, the OG five, all together again. Once we got there, my parents both walked me down a very sketchy snow-covered side of a hill to the ceremony; my dad in front carrying the umbrella (as it is was snowing/raining) and making a path, me holding on for dear life and my mom carrying the back of my dress. We screeched and laughed and even though it wasn’t officially part of the ceremony, and kind of a loud and informal entrance, it was weirdly one of my favourite parts of the day. Family is cool and all, but a family that has separated and changed and can still come together and have a great time as a group is truly something to celebrate.

We are so thankful for our families. Both of our parents are divorced, there were some step-siblings in attendance and we haven't ever all been together as a big group like that, but it was perfect. Nobody was crazy, everyone was cheerful and supportive and fun. They made it totally about the two of us, and we are forever grateful. 

And of course, my favourite part of our wedding was the ceremony. My only regret is that upon walking into the cabin, I gave my flowers away immediately and grabbed Matthew's hands because we were both so emotional and I just wanted to hold him (lol!) and while I don't regret rushing to him, I do regret handing off those flowers, because I LOVED them so much and wish I  held onto them for a bit longer haha! 

Groom Wedding Day.png
Modern Wedding Bouquet.png
I love this photo, except my hair looks greasy! But it was raining/snowing, so I swear that was it!

I love this photo, except my hair looks greasy! But it was raining/snowing, so I swear that was it!

The food was amazing, our cake was delicious and I LOVED how our reception room looked. It all came together so perfectly and looked great. 

Wedding Table Setting.png
Wedding Floral Centrepiece.png
Wedding Cake.png
Wedding Table Copper Brass.png

I know it's cliche and everyone says it, but honestly...who cares what your parents want, or your friends want, or other people want. Just do what feels good for the two of you, and spend what feels right for the two of you. If you have always dreamed of a giant, fancy, dream wedding and you want to work and save for that - great! do it! But if the thought of going into debt for your wedding makes you want to die, then don't do it. You can have ANY kind of wedding you want. Now that it's over, nobody cares about that day (like obviously they DO, but they don't really) except for the two of us. 


Photographer: Dani Photography | Officiant: Andy Buckle | Flowers: Ninebark Floral Design | Planning: Brilliant Events Whistler | Hair & Makeup: Clare Louise Makeup & Hair | Ceremony Location: Stone Circle/Bird Watching Cabin off Alta Lake, Whistler | Reception Venue: Nita Lake Lodge | Decor: Me! | Cake: Macs by Ron | Grooms Suit: Indochino | Dress: RenzBridal | Jewellery: Olive + Piper