Hi, I'm Madison!

I've been working on this blog for....6 months? By "working on", I mean that I made an account, and I wrote a few tiny articles, but I really haven't been dedicating the time and passion to it that I had hoped. 

Now is as good a time as any to start this thing, though I think! 

So, with that, I should introduce myself. My name is Madison. I'm an interior-obsessed graphic designer/art director from the Greater Vancouver area. I work for a Canadian furniture and accessory company. I love what I do. Sometimes I genuinely cannot sleep because my mind won't stop running and turning and dreaming of beautiful spaces and well-crafted pages.  

I LOVE homes. I'm a true homebody, and would literally rather be nowhere other than home. I think the home says so much about a person. What kinds of things do you collect? What do you find relaxing? What is a must-have? Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by the home and why we arrange things a certain way, and how we treat the spaces that live forever in our memories. SO, the main focus of this blog will be interior related things, because I'm #alwayshome, but I do like other things like fashion, beauty, career profiles etc, so you'll see bits of that too! 

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I am lucky to be loved by a tall red-bearded, strawberry blonde man (I like to clarify because I am redheaded and it's my worst nightmare that people think we are siblings out in public) that I get to marry in 33 days! We have a cat-daughter named Penelope-Lloyd, we call her Penny. 

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Honestly, life is good. I feel really lucky. I feel really - yup, I'm going to say it - #blessed. I find people always want to clarify that of course things are not perfect when they say things like that, and yeah, I mean...whose life IS perfect? (spoiler alert: nobody). So, I don't think I'm going to make a habit of clarifying that in the future, but you guys know. I'm grateful, but just like everyone I have bad hair days, bad face-days, bad relationship days, bad work days, and bad financial days.

Anyway, my plan is to do this a bit more so, if you're interested, please come back!