Decorating for the Holidays

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I love Christmas. I love the white lights on the tree, I love the cosiness it brings to any environment and I LOVE the spirit of the season. 

Decorating for the holidays is different for everyone, and I love hearing about what kind of traditions people grew up with, and have now adopted as their own. 

Growing up, we had two trees. The regular tree, and the "ugly tree". The ugly tree was exclusively for childhood ornaments, ornaments my mom had collected from her students over the years, and well, basically any ornament that didn't fit the official tree. We are hard on that tree, and it's unfair because it actually is quite nice! It's got a nice traditional theme to it - white, green, red and metallics. The three of us, and now Matthew head over to my mom's house each year to decorate it (though we've missed my brother for the last two, as he's been away at University) and it's always so fun. We laugh as we relive the memories of the ornaments, and haphazardly decorate it - yet, it always turns out perfectly. 

When I first moved out, I did what probably most people do - I bought the starter pack of matching ornaments with my then boyfriend (we had JUST moved in together), excitedly starting to create my "christmas theme". However, we ended up breaking up on December 21st (awwwwkward!) , and once those ornaments came down, I decided to get rid of all of those ornaments, and only buy ornaments I loved from then on. 

Each year since then, I've had almost no theme. I had few ornaments since I stuck to my "must love it" rule, so "sentimental metallics"  is the way I did it. But, this year I'm feeling a little older and more established and I realized I had almost no ornaments, and even though I loved them individually, I didn't love them all together. 

If you know me or have seen my house, you know I like to keep it neutral. I love black, white, charcoal, gold, and....yeah, that's about it. I have struggled with Christmas because of the red, the traditional patterns etc. I used to dwell on the question, "how can I be festive and embrace the season without compromising the feel of my space?" 

I didn't really know how to do it, without just deciding that I was annoying, and to buy some classic Christmas garb and get over it, BUT, this year, all of my Christmas dreams came true, and I figured out the pattern to bring it all together.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 8.50.26 PM.png

It's Buffalo Check, my friends. I finally found the perfect ornaments to bring the holidays into my home. These beautiful black and white plaid/buffalo check ornaments from Urban Barn were the missing pieces I had been searching for. Then, I found the perfect stocking for Penny (our cat) at Superstore, weirdly enough. 

This year, I'm feeling at peace in my home (my favourite way to feel!), surrounded by my neutral favourites, and now my neutral festive favourites too! I love when you find something that feels "like you". 

What is your favourite piece of holiday decor? do you have a theme? do you prefer to go without? I'd love to hear!