02 / What We're Watching Right Now


I quietly started this little series about a month ago, without really sharing it on any social platforms. I guess I thought nobody would care? I’m still not convinced that anyone will care - ha!, but I’m trying to encourage myself to write on the blog when I feel inspired! I also watched some REALLY great things this past month, so I think it’s worth sharing!

A few are series, and a few are movies - but I thought it would be good to give an assortment.

So, I’ll dive right into it - lately our favourite flicks have been:

One Mississippi (Prime Video)

I cannot say enough about this show. It is so heart warming, and heart wrenching all at the same time. It’s a semi-autobiographical comedy series written by Tig Notaro. It covers love, sexuality, death, family, and so much more. I randomly saw it on Prime and thought it would be something good to have on in the background while I worked from the sofa on a Friday night, but ended up stopping it because it was SO good, and waiting for Matthew to come home. We both gave it rave reviews, and are crossing our fingers there is another season. We were NOT ready for it to end! 10/10 would recommend!

Paddleton (Netflix)

I used to love watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” and while it’s classic, this movie is an amazing, shining example of Ray Romano’s true skills. I’m finding it hard to write a good descriptor that doesn’t give too much away, so I’ll just paste what Netflix had to say:

An unlikely friendship between two misfit neighbours becomes an unexpected emotional journey when the younger man is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

If you’re a Mindy fan, you’ll recognize the other best friend as Brendan, the midwife! It’s a refreshing change to see him in a more serious role. This movie is excellent, thought-provoking and definitely something you’ll want to put your phone down for, and pay attention!

One of Us (Netflix)

This was suggested to me by a client (and friend), after we went down a rabbit hole discussing our interest in cults and insular religions. This documentary is about Hasidic Jews in New York (and around America, I guess!). Honestly, this is a religion I really knew nothing about. I think I kind of assumed they were like, the Roman Catholics of Christianity - which is definitely ignorant at best, so forgive me, but I’m just being honest. This show has a lot of “Breaking Amish” (but far more extreme) vibes which for me as a viewer and enthusiast of things like this, is thrilling, but of course, in the big picture, it’s heartbreaking. This documentary is thought provoking, heart breaking, informative and so much more. If you’re interested in subjects like this, I’d definitely recommend watching it!

Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

I started this based off of a few different people mentioning it on social media, and I’ll be honest, at first, I was confused and skeptical. But, it turned a corner and I really ended up loving it, and I feel VERY excited for the next season. It’s almost like, if Dirk Gently had a baby with X-men or something, but like, with beautiful artistry all mixed together? That description is messy, but the show is really lovely. I also love Ellen Page, so that was a big sell for me to start!

3rd Rock from the Sun (Prime Video)

This one is a bit weird, and I actually never watched it when I was younger but Matthew did, and he just loves it. It’s a silly show that is the perfect thing to have on in the background if you need to get some mundane work done. It’s silly, (sort of) family friendly, as long as your kids don’t understand sexual innuendo (ha!). I don’t LOVE it, but Matthew does. It’s worth a shot if you need something super light!