01 / Design Digest

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When I started focusing on my instagram account, it was really just a fun way to showcase my home decor hobby outside of my full-time job as a graphic designer.

After requests from some friends, then friends of friends, and then some strangers, to help decorate their homes, I wondered if maybe I would want to eventually switch careers and turn my interior design hobby into a business. For a while I thought that maybe this could work; to be fair, my full-time job did include styling sets, and pairing furniture and decor as part of my regular routine for lookbooks and other campaigns, so I had some professional experience doing it. And while I did (and still do) love interiors, obviously - I came to the conclusion that this was something I was going to keep just for me. Truly as a hobby.

As I took the leap to leave my full-time job and start my own business (a boutique agency for lifestyle brands - website launching soon!) I debated on how to mix my two passions together on my instagram page. I thought about keeping them separate - my personal page as just a hobby and a passion project, while building my business account on the side - but that just didn’t feel genuine. I also didn’t love that people didn’t know about this other huge part of me - my love for marketing and graphic design.

So, I came up with an idea of how I could mix it all together and I’ve decided to call it the monthly Design Digest. Each month I will share small snippets of projects I’ve been working on over the past month. Unfortunately, due to the nature of some of my clients, and the work that I do, I’m not able to show all of my projects - some of it is upcoming campaign work that is not yet released, or contains other private/promotional or is not fully approved information. However, I can show some bits of it - just to give a taste!

If you have any questions at all, please let me know! I’m always happy to discuss projects like this! And of course, if you have any graphic design, branding or marketing needs - I’d love to connect with you to discuss them! So, without further ado, this is the March Digest - enjoy!